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Copyright of R3A Limited and Solarwoodle Netherlands 2020

Solar Woodle:

Green Energy Outdoor Lighting

This unique and beautiful light has no

need for cabling and can be placed

anywhere. The Solar Woodle is an

innovative and smart LED light that

illuminates your dark places. The Solar

Woodle is suitable for garden lighting,

path lighting, driveways, parking spots,

docks and much more. With a stunning

design the Solar Woodle brightens your

area and gives it an unique impression,

even during the day.

Designed in The Netherlands and made

in Canada, working on solar energy,

made from natural materials and

manufactured energy-neutrally: This is

the sustainable lighting solution you


First: The Solar Woodle is

working on solar-energy. The

light intensity and the long

working hours give the Woodle

an excellent reputation. This is

why we can compete with

traditional cabled lighting.

Second: The Solar Woodle is a

“smart” light. Our software and

integrated electronics provide

light for the whole night

depending on the physical

location and season. Because of

our software we can even

adapt the lighting to your


Third: Without the necessity for

cables and additional

electronics, we save on natural

resources such as copper and

other minerals.

What more sustainability do

you want?


Solar Woodle is a registered trademark of Solar Woodle Netherlands